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Please Understand Me….

Have you ever wondered you make the choices we do, why you excel at some things, yet are hopeless at others….why you behave and react in certain ways, often very different from those around you?

Astrology is the key to understanding ourselves.
Each person has a personal astrological birth chart, reflective of exactly where each of the planets were at the exact moment you were born.
As no two people are born at the exact same time and place (not even twins!) this planetary map is as individual and unique as you are.
If you are interested in purchasing your very own Astrology natal personality profile, please email your name along with your time, date and place of birth to: karinsmale@hotmail.com (Please note, the more accurate the time of your birth will reflect in the accuracy of the reading. It is very important to achieve the best results. If the time of your birth is unknown, midday will be used).
$60 AUD Paypal, Square and Bank transfer accepted
Paypal: gracedevine13@outlook.com