The Mirage Tree – The Adventure So Far….

About the Adventure

Gentle introvert Lauren SinClair has known her share of heartbreak. She’s worked hard to get her life in order, deleting the pain of the past and leaving her husbands infidelity behind her. Having left the city and moved back to her rural hometown, she can congratulate herself on her accomplishments – a new home, her own business and the stability and security of the quiet life.

Finally, everything seems to have fallen into place.

So why is it that those nearest and dearest to her seem to take such exception to her chosen lifestyle?

Kate SinClair is a young woman on a mission. With a positive attitude, abundant energy and zest for life, she’s determined to make her life a success. Her priorities include work, boyfriend, family, friends, parties and more work – in that order. She knows there is no substitute for hard work and she’s resolved to make her mark in the tough world of insurance. She has a winning team, a great new love, and a fantastic family. There’s no obstacle she can’t conquer.

So far.

But can she overcome sinister hidden forces plotting against her, determined to destroy her?

All lives are stories…..

Set in beautiful Dartmoor, England, the Mirage Tree tells the story of two women, their contrasts in attitudes and  ideals, their completely opposing personalities and experiences, their differences in desires, adventures and their innermost secrets. Two very very different women, with very different psyches, ideas and lives… who just happen to be sisters.

The twists and turns of their lives and the complications fate throws at them finally brings them together despite the struggles they must endure as they learn life’s lessons and overcome them.

A delightfully enthralling Winter fireside story, perfect for those long winter evenings when you long to escape by melting into  a beautiful, exciting, countryside adventure.

A brand new contemporary fiction novel written from the heart by a brand new English/Australian author.

The Mirage Tree is available in both paperback and eBook from Amazon, Booktopia, Fishpond, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other well-known book retailers and wholesalers across Europe and North America.