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Follow Up to the Mirage Tree

The Mirage Tree is my first novel, a contemporary romance set in beautiful Dartmoor, England. While the characters and events are all fictional and created by myself, the inspiration for the story was taken from past life events and a lifetime of caring for animals and walking various canine companions I have loved over the years. The proceeds from the very first 10 copies sold were sent to Australian Animal Rescue ‘Desperate for Love’ and I am a long term supporter of the UK charity The Dogs Trust.

I am currently working on my second story, which follows the lives of Josh and Reba, the two youngest characters from The Mirage Tree. I am super-excited to reveal what the future has in store for them!




Medieval Inspiration

I have also had a new character find her way into my heart. I simply had to start writing about her – it was if she would not let me go until her story was told!  Her character, traits and talents have simply won me over.

Meet Aenwyn, a young witch who lives in the revolutionary troubled times of a different world some 500 years ago.

Although she does not initially realise it, she has more power  than she could possibly imagine, and she is thrown into a journey of danger and adventure, leading her headlong into the perils of heartbreak, sorrow, alchemy and love.

Her visionary talents are crucial in stabilising the politically explosive and increasingly dangerous society in which she lives. Her powers are select; but she has a lifelong affinity with the birds and animals that is second nature to her, as simple and pure as breathing.

With the help of a sorceress mentor, an elderly alchemistic wizard and a rag-tag band of new vagabond friends, she sets out to win the support of the ruthless bitch who is crowned Queen, fight to overthrow the corruption and restore peace to their world.


Diploma Achievements

I have completed my Advanced Tarot Diploma with the international Centre of Excellence. It was an amazing course which helped me develop insight and teaching skills. It also and helped heal my heart after the loss of my beloved Chester, as it inspired me to design my own Tarot deck as part of the coursework.

I have also completed an Alchemy, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Astrology Diploma. I am now a qualified Crystal Healer. I learned so much from studying crystallography. It is an amazing subject, but my first love is the amazing Tarot and always will be.

Garden of Love Tarot

My studies for the Advance Tarot Diploma inspired me to create my own Tarot Deck, the ‘Garden of Love Tarot’ which is a work in progress.

These card images are my own artwork and form the basis of my pack. Shown are the aces of each suit. From left to right – a golden sunflower representing the suit of pentacles, water-blue tulips for cups, a flame red flowering yucca for the wands, and a palm for the swords.

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