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I hold an Advanced Diploma of the Tarot and Astrology and I am a reader of many years experience. I offer bookings and read for clients across the world daily through messenger and live videoscope.  Recently, I  have worked with a fantastic team of psychics here in Western Australia, organising parties, psychic dinners and High Teas. I have been an in-house reader for a local Manor House and shop. I learned my art from some of the best world-class professional readers. 


I am a Member of the professional Tarot Guild of Australia and UK and I offer on line readings, written Astrology personality profiles and I teach Tarot online. 


Tarot is fascinating; it is the secrets of life that we all go through and have to learn. By learning the messages Divinity offers you, we can make the wisest decisions, and live our optimal lives.

If you ask me your questions we can explore how you can live your life the best way possible, negotiate through the troubles and difficult times and get the answers you need. By asking the questions you want answers to, I can help you live your best life. 

Tarot is Amazing and will always provide your answer!

Contact me to book your live one on one phone videoscope reading via messenger, available to clients worldwide, or ask me about online lessons if you would like to learn to read the Tarot.


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