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Visit Divine Grace Tarot and Astrology at the Perth Royal Show

have the pleasure of reading at the annual Perth Royal Show Western Australia and Devon and also Cornwall Royal Show, UK when I am there, which is always amazing! It’s so exciting and I get to meet a great new group of clients, friend, readers and psychics from all over the world and it is the best weekend!

Last year was a little different, with the Covid restriction there was a limit on the numbers of tickets sold, but we are looking forward to a superb show here in Perth this year. I read online for clients all over the world daily, and if you would like to book a one to one live messenger or phone reading with me, please see my booking page, go to Divine Grace on Facebook or contact:  karinsmale@hotmail.com


Last trip home to the UK

I had a chance to go back to the UK, to visit my family and friends, fortunately just before the Covid 19 outbreak. I was so grateful to see them all. While I was there, I managed to achieve an ambition – to visit the wonderful Discworld Emporium!


Sir Terry Pratchett was a wonderful author and his Discworld novels have long been a favourite of mine, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the little museum shop he owned. The owners are lovely and were personal fiends of Terry himself, so we were able to reminisce about the great gentleman, as I was lucky enough to meet him too. If you love books art and modern literature, and ever have the chance to visit Winchester I would encourage you to go, it is a step back in time and you just can’t help but loose yourself in the magic of Discworld!